Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monochrome with a twist !

 If you follow me on Instagram ( @askthestylecouncil ), you probable know my penchant for black and white. And since monochrome is bang on trend this season, I've been working with a lot of it. But I personally feel that a little bit of color can instantly add a little something extra to the overall look. Be it hot pink, a flash of green or my personal favorite, red.
You can add these accents on your accessories, shoes, handbag or even make up, like lipstick or eyeliner. Ok not red eyeliner, perhaps blue or emerald.
On another note, ladies, its the peak of summer on the island right now, so make sure you're knotting your hair up in the day time to avoid sun damage, and by that I mean your hair can turn an unhealthy, lighter color if exposed to the sun for long. So either knot it up, or wear a hat!

Blouse and Skirt: Mango, Accessories: Monsoon

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  1. Your waist is tiny. I cant wear pencil skirts :(

  2. Where to get good tank tops from? Would purchasing online be a safe option?