Monday, July 22, 2013

I'll tell you this much...

  • Always trust your inner voice.
  • Don't let people bring you down with harsh words. They have a right to say what they want. On a public forum even. Learn to ignore.
  • Don't let ANYBODY tell you you can't do something you really want to do. 
  • Never give up on your dreams. You may go off course for a bit, but make sure your're close to the track to jump right back on.
  • Never associate yourself with negative people. Negative people = negative thoughts, pointless drama and unwanted chaos. You have better things in life to be worried about.
  • If you want something really bad, make it yours.
Feel free to share your thoughts below...
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  1. time and time again its only these things that u've said that really work. at some point everyone starts doubting themselves but i guess getting back on track with some self talk is really imp.

  2. The most important thing is being comfortable with who you are and what you are... you need not change yourself or pretend to be someone you are not, just to please people. If somebody does not like you, it's their problem and not yours. Your job is not to please everyone on this planet... rather do what you can do the best and be happy and satisfied! Don't ever get affected by what people say unless it is constructive criticism.

  3. It's important that we be ourselves at all times. We can choose to ignore negativity or take it in the right spirit. As long as it doesn't do us any damage and helps us look at the brighter side of it, it's okay to welcome criticism and negativity from everyone. That way, we can enjoy the variety of thoughts and different kinds of people around us. We also have room for improvement, ample space to do what we like, accept challenges, choose to beat them or get beaten ourselves and likewise. Completely ignoring negativity might end up turning good into evil too. A balance between the two is a must. Don't you think so?

    1. I agree with you,Constructive criticism is always welcome. When I meant negativity,I meant meaningless comments that are simply put up for no reason. Welcoming criticism is ok. Welcoming negativity is not.

  4. Great words... love the cardigan? where can one find this?