Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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I’m usually the kind of girl that doesn't switch products very often, but when I do, It’s only because I’ve found something better than the ones I have been using till date. So when I do fall in love with a new product and I’m 100 percent sure that it’s there to stay, you know it’s a really really good one. So let me introduce you to the new loves in my life. Let’s start with…

I’ve always been faithful to MAC’s Studio Fix fluid. Always. On the positive side, it has great coverage and is super easy to blend in, but it is also the worst foundation to use during the summer because it can get super greasy. So my current favorite foundation for this time of the year is Makeup forever’s HD foundation. It is lightweight, has medium coverage and doesn’t get oily on the face as MAC does. So thumbs up for MUFE and I declare it AWESOME. For Indian skin tone, I suggest you pick your shade from the yellow undertones and not the pink one. Ask the MUFE makeup artist at Sephora for help. She will even give you samples you can take home so you can see if you like the color in natural lighting and be sure before you actually make a purchase.

I’m the kind of girl that gets tempted to buy lipsticks and lip glosses only because of how great the packaging is and I end up using 2 out of the 10 that I buy. Yes, I know, Shame on me. Although I do use my lipsticks on occasions and night out’s, I find it extremely hard to use gloss. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the texture or the fact that when there’s a slight breeze my hair sticks to it and I get very annoyed. I also hate the fact that most glosses dry up on the lips and leave a very icky residue. Gross, I know. But girls, I’ve ditched my lipsticks for about two weeks now and have been using two great products that have completely won me over. Firstly, I have to thank my best friend for introducing me to my current (and definitely going to be forever) favorite lip gloss ever. It’s called “Best Kiss” by Liplicious from Bath and Body works. Now I hate colored gloss. I cannot stand it. But this genius product is clear on the lips when applied and minutes later, It turns a soft, natural looking pink! And I kid you not when I say it tastes DELICIOUS.
Another one and a slightly more expensive one when compared to BBW is the  Clinique Chubby Stick that I religiously wear to work. It’s not exactly gloss. It’s more like a moisturizing balm for lips. Although it looks like lipstick, on application, it’s almost translucent and gives a very natural looking color. So thumbs up to both. I swear by these two lip products but if I had to pick out of the two, It would have to be the gloss by Bath and Body Works.

Hand Creams:
As you all know, I’m OCD when it comes to moisturizing my hands. I have about 3 hand creams on my desk at work, one in my hand bag and countless at home. I hate having dry hands but at the same time, I hate creams that make the hand oily. I’ve raved about Sally Hansen’s Smooth and Perfect before and although this is still an office desk essential of mine, I now have a handbag essential. The Body Shop’s Almond hand cream is amazing. It leaves the hand extremely soft and supple. I was introduced to this product by the store staff itself, after I walked in and asked what their best selling hand cream was. And you know what? I’m not surprised. So girls, when it’s date night and you don’t want him to let go of your hand, slap on some of this genius product before heading out, or at intervals. Speaking of dates, Put on the Bath and Body Works lip gloss as well. Bonus points, I promise.

Feel free to leave comments below and do share some of your favorites as well! I'd love to try them out!
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