Saturday, April 6, 2013

I like Unusual...

I'm weird, which is why I like weird. I came across this unusual cardigan on a shopping trip with a friend/therapist/inspirational talker/amazing woman/colleague to her favorite store at Bahrain City Center- Riva. I usually never shop there because I end up liking the things that are ridiculously over priced as opposed to the mid priced items on the floor.But when my friend picked this...erm...cardigan up and made me try it on, I fell in love with it. Its a sort of cardigan that you can wear many ways. Here's the simplest way to wear it...But it can be made shorter and a hoodie! More on that later...

On another note, the weather is beautiful, Is it not? I can feel summer approaching and Its only fair to be out as much as possible until the sun comes out and it starts to feel like Mars again
P.S:Find Details on my outfit below.

Cardigan :Riva, Tee:Mango, Leggings and Shoes:Zara, Bag:Sequoia, Accessories:Monsoon
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  1. Absolutely adorable... You look so beautiful! Great outfit and amazing pictures!

  2. Hello Ashwathy :)

    First of all, I'd like you to know that I've read all your previous blog posts and always make sure to read the ones you put up too. I must say that it has inspired me, who once used to never care about dressing up or wearing accessories all that much, to bring about a change in myself. So thank you for being a part of inspiring me bring out the woman in me.

    I'm almost going to get done with my studies but I have already started with working as an intern that pays me good enough so that I can keep aside some money for shopping. I did happen to purchase a lot of accessories from your favorite store - Accessorize twice already. Could you suggest other places that won't be too expensive and can help me pick up good tops, pants, probably some formal wear and such?

    Also, as a little suggestion, you must consider doing a tutorial of your eye makeup! I remember hearing from few ladies years ago saying "Hey have you heard of Ashwathy? She's a fashion designer. Well, she does her eyes so WELL! I so wish I could do the same!" :) [I'd love to start doing some good eye makeup when I go for night outs or casual school reunions! So if you could help this little girl who doesn't know how to wear a liner with an actual eyeliner and not a kaajal, pretty please? :)

    Look forward to your reply!

    Much love,
    An Admirer and Follower

    P.S:- Could have sent an email instead, eh?

    1. Dear Anon,

      Firstly, thank you SO much. This just made my day! Your comment is so very sweet and I'm glad you consider the blog as an inspiration.

      With regards to other accessories stores- my top 3 stores after accessorize are forever21 , new look and camaieu ! Try these three out and let me know if you like them.
      And if you are in Bahrain , id love to accompany you on a shopping trip to help you personally but if you're not, For formals I suggest Zara and mango - the quality is super and it's better to spend 19 BD on a trouser and wear it for years rather than getting a trouser for 9 BD and having to throw it out after a few months.
      I personally love mango, Zara , forever 21, stradivarius , for casual blouses and tops and miss selfridge, topshop, quiz and Jane Norman for more party looks. Try these places- I always find stuff I fall in love with. Also, if you're like me and love to throw on casual equipment blouses over leggings on weekends, I suggest you ask Zara for the ponte leggings they have. Its 15 BD and they are life savers.

      Also I have been looking at doing make up tutorials and I am actually in the process of getting a tripod to film my eye make up tutorial which has been requested by many! Hopefully I will film it within the week !

      I'm glad to help out and please feel free to email any time you like!

      Thank you so much once again !!!

    2. Thank you very much for your kind reply. I'm pleased to know that I made your day :)

      I will keep these stores in mind and let you know how much they helped as soon as I go there. I forgot to include places to get good pumps and even nice flats.

      I will be waiting to watch your tutorials!

      Thanks once again for the good piece of advice :)

    3. I'm always happy to help!

      Flats are very easy to get- I usually don't spend a lot on flats- unless I really really fall in love with them. I usually pick up my flats from pretty much anywhere- payless, H&M, thrifted stores, boutiques, new look and sometimes Zara.

      I'm very picky with heels. Most of my heels are from Zara or Steve madden . Mostly Zara. The reason being- heels are very affordable in new look but styles like peeptoes or pumps without buckles tend to slip out and can be very uncomfortable when you walk in them. So I suggest Zara for pumps or peeptoes, new look for strappy heels and Steve madden and dune if you want something glamourous and feel like splurging !

      :) xxxxx

    4. That's excellent! Need to get good heels for the weekend so I know where I'm headed to this evening. Thanks a ton :)

      I may require some more help probably in the near future.

      Till then, lots of love. Keep those posts coming! Look forward to them!

      Good week :) xoxo