Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glitter Chocolate nails

I love wearing glitter nails, but sometimes its so hard to find a good glitter nail polish that actually looks like glitter and sparkles. So I decided to use fine glitter eye shadow powder on my nails instead of polish and the results are brilliant!
Before we begin, let me point out that you will want to use very fine powder, preferably eye shadow glitter.

You will need:
Nail polish and eye shadow glitter in matching colors, or not- your call,Top coat- glossy,Q tips and a brush.,Small square paper to dust on glitter.
1. Paint your nails and let them dry. 2 coats and seal. Pick a nail youb want to use the glitter on and apply one more coat of color. Do not wait for it to dry!
2. Place your finger on the small square of paper and immediately pick up some glitter dust and dust it on the nail, ensuring all areas are covered. Press down slightly your thumb.
3.Dust off excess powder with a brush or by gently blowing on the nail. Stubbon dust can be taken off using a Q tip and some remover.
4. Do not waste the glitter powder left back on the paper, fold and drop back in the remaining dust into the glitter pot.
5. Apply top coat on all other nails except the glitter nail to give it a much more 'popped out' effect!

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  1. Even I was looking for a glitter polish that sparkles so much. Thanks a million for this DIY. :)

  2. good trick! Loved it!!