Monday, March 25, 2013

Long is the new short.

I fell in love with this printed paisley dress as soon as I laid eyes on it at a clearance sale! It was being sold at BD 12 , which is such a great price for a brand like Monsoon. I got it at at a huge clearance sale at the Centre mall, Nwaidrat. The prices start at 500 FILS and go up to 20 BD! The sale is currently on, but I suggest you rush as finding sizes might be tough!

Anyway, I love the silhouette, the light weight jersey fabric that makes it perfect for summer and the length of the dress. Below the knee skirts are super hot at the moment and although this dress is a classic, it certainly stands out from a normal summer day's dress!

It wasn't really summer the day I wore this dress though. The weather was a perfect 21 degrees, partly cloudy and had a light breeze, which is why I decided to travel on foot. Bahrain's a tiny place. You can walk anywhere and everywhere. Oh.and I also purchased some amazing products from Kerastase, which I will talk about in the next few weeks.A certain serum has already become my favorite, but more on that later...

Dress:Monsoon, Bag:Thrifted, Shoes:Zara, Accessories:Monsoon, Aldo.    

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  1. I love the dress. I have something similar and is jersey too. Can it be worn to dinner parties?

    1. Hi , thank you !
      It depends on the type of dinner party. If it's at home or with a few friends or family, it should be ok. But if you're going to a little more up scale one, then no. Unless it's a shiny jersey and beaded, try to avoid jersey all together to dinner parties. :)