Saturday, March 9, 2013

The best things in life are Free...

They say the best things in life are FREE and I couldn't agree more...There are things like...


Childhood friends...

A bunch of your crazy girlfriends that you always need to make a night spectacular...We're missing the godfather of this gang (Shereen)...

Friends of friends you meet along the way and become really good friends...

...and a sister, who can drive you crazy and love you unconditionally at the same time, no matter what.
Cheers to my sister, who turned 25 today and cheers to all the best things in life that come free.

Happy Birthday Nisha <3
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  1. Cutest post ever!

  2. Wow! u all look lovely! happy bday to ur sis!

  3. Is she your younger sis? so very pretty.happy birthday to her.

    1. Shes older by 2 years but yes, everyone does think I'm the older one:) hehe will pass on your wishes, thank you so much :) x

    2. are u serious? i alwaays thought you are in your late 20's! my bad.