Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spoil Yourself

Every woman MUST spoil herself rotten at least once a month. Apart from the joy it brings, It is also a great therapy to bust away work related stress.
By this I don't mean just buying new shoes or spending a lot on money on stuff. Although these two things are a part of it, here's my list of to-do's to treat yourself to be more relaxed.

1. Go running. Put on tracks and trainers and go running with a girlfriend or alone on the beach. Somewhere quiet and secluded where you can escape the noise and hustle-bustle of the usual surroundings in Bahrain at the moment. After the run find a quiet spot and close your eyes and simply think strong, beautiful thoughts.

2. Splurge on good skin care and hair products. It really does make a difference. Think Kerastase, Keihls and La Mer.

3. Pamper yourself. Get a professional massage or a hot oil hair treatment  Manicure, Pedicure and the works. Spend at least 2-3 hours at a decent spa getting everything done from head to toe.

4. Get a new haircut. This can definitely make you look and feel more confident and powerful.

5.Go shopping. Get yourself those shoes you saw on the window of Dune the other day and walked by, thinking "Do I really need them?". Here's a tip- Yes you do. Buy them. 

6. Have dinner with close friends.This will automatically take care of point  point 7.

7. Laugh. And laugh a lot.


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