Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shopping at kids wear stores?

Jacket:Tape a l'oeil, Tee:Mango, Boots and pants:Zara, Bag:Aldo, Necklace:Monsoon, Cuffs:Mango, India
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Can you tell I'm wearing this super cute, (and comfy,may I add) jacket from a kids wear store? Its no surprise that I shop at the teen department. They sometimes have the cutest things made for little people. One of my favorite places I pick out stuff from is Tape a l'oeil. They have the cutest stuff sometimes and their knitwear this season was fantastic! 

I picked out a petal cut lurex trim jumper and this white jacket from TAO and its amazing how good it looks on a full-grown...erm.. a ...ok... me. It looks like a cropped cardi and no one can tell its made for kids. Plus, the prices are amazing. Major win.

So next time you come across a style you like in a brand specializing in kids-wear,don't be ashamed to ask them for the biggest size they carry.Try it on, You'll be surprised!

Until I score another fabulous find,


  1. That was one fsb find. :)

    PS. I like that picture of you where you're smiling between the flowers. Adorable. <3

  2. Hey Ashwathy, I believe you and I have this in common. I am petite - well actually I am quite tiny :D So I do sometimes shop from the kidswear section .. hehe