Monday, January 7, 2013

Knee high boots and OCD

Boots: Zara, Skirt:Stradivarius, Tee and Blazer:Mango, Box Clutch:Monsoon, Necklace:Gifted, HM.

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Boots. My weakness. I love wearing boots, but I rarely get a chance to wear them due to the climatic conditions in this sauna, and by that I mean Bahrain. This winter was a joke and I got to wear these babies only twice. I’m very picky with boots. A lot of people don’t realize that their boots say a lot about their character. 

Somehow 50% of the boots in retail stores repel me. I only trust boots from Zara and very rarely Nine West and Aldo. I’m a little OCD like that because there’s a very fine line between a decent pair of boots and downright tacky.
Riding boots, however are okay. You cannot go wrong with flat boots, that is if you’ve got a penchant for style. I hate flat boots that are overdone- buckles, rivets and bows all in one? Spare me. Please, I'd rather be caught in rubber slippers on my worst hair day.

On another note,I'm wearing two birthday gifts today, my boots and the necklace, both gifted to me by my dearest friends Nadia and Sarika :)

P.S: Don't be afraid to rock boots and maxi skirts with slits!



  1. amazing .. love this look !!

  2. Great look - and I'm with you - boots are the bomb. Let's hope we can squeeze a few more bootwearin' days out of this winter!

  3. Hi Georgina :) thanks . And I hope so too! The weather has been getting hotter. Nights are still slightly chilly though . Xx

  4. Those bangles on your right arm are to die for.
    Superb, btw. *applaud* :)