Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Before the Countdown...

Shoes: Zara, Clutch :Monsoon, Cuff: Anna Dello Russo X H&M

Shoes? Check. Accessories? Check? Hair? Check.Back-up dress? Check.Time schedule for the night? Double check. 

Every New Year's eve, my best friend, sister and I go all out to make it a spectacular evening. And we always learn valuable lessons year after year. This time, we learned:

  • To always get your hair done first. Hair salons all over Bahrain close at 8 30!!! If you guys know of any that doesn't,please do let me know. Also my BFF and I have decided to open a 24 hour hair salon in Bahrain, once we have enough money to pay staff and rent.
  • Get your dress tailor made. The few weeks before New Years, the entire Venus population is looking for the perfect dress and having a limited selection of brands to choose from, you WILL run into another girl wearing your dress. We don't want that now, do we? 
  • If you really fancy a dress you've seen at a store, pick it up and modify it. I do this with almost ALL of my dresses. This NY, I picked up a beautiful red body con-cowl back dress from Jane Norman. To make it even more spectacular, I added red and gold lace sleeves and covered up the neck since the dress was already too short. Remember to only show skin in moderation. There's no mystery to a woman showing too much skin.It is NOT hot.
  • If you've given your dress to be fixed at the last minute and plan on picking it up after work, say 6 pm  and your tailor is a Muslim, make sure you have arrangements to pick it up before the Namaz time, or you will be waiting outside his locked shop for half an hour, thereby resulting in loss of oh-so-precious time.
Hopefully, next year I will get ready on time.
Happy 2013 everybody!


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