Friday, January 4, 2013

What's on my dressing table?

So a lot of my readers have been writing to me asking which foundation I use. I use Makeup forever HD and MAC Studio Fix fluid. And to save you guys from asking more, here's a list of all my favorites that have earned a spot on my dressing table. I only keep things that I love on there, so if its not on my table, I don't love it. Let's start with...

My Earrings. I know I should probably be starting with makeup or moisturizer  but every time I get dressed for an event I always forget to put on earrings. I'm not much of a earring person. I have one pair of studs and the rest are all enormous earrings. I either like them big and extravagant or as small as a stud and nothing else. What on earth are medium-sized hanging drops, I'll never know.

 My makeup basket- Contains all my essentials including moisturizer,primer, BB cream, my hair treatment and even little hair pins that I need when I'm running late and having a bad hair day. And I just realized that's not supposed to be in the "MAKEUP" basket. Erm...Moving on...

  Arm swag: These are technically not "on" my table, but oh well.

 Nail polishes: I keep them all in a huge basket and they look so pretty. Plus I love the "OMIGOSH I LOVE THAT" when I have girlfriends over...

 My sephora eye shadow pallet, a Christmas gift from a dear friend and I love how fancy it looks on my table.

 More arm swag...

 My favorite lipsticks- Plum rose by Bobbi Brown, So frivolous rouge by Lancome, No 11, no name by Mikyajy, Ibiza Pink and Precious rose by Givenchy

Makeup brushes by Sigma

And finally, Makeup Forever's HD foundation. The coverage is amazing!

And you'll find a lot of other crap when you open the drawers, but I'll save that for another post, kay?

Until then,

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