Friday, July 6, 2012

A little something extra...

Dress:Monsoon, Cardigan:Mango, Scarf:CKP, Wedges:Peacocks, Bag:Parfois, All bracelets:Monsoon Accessorize, Ring:Thrifted

It was very windy today and my scarf , being silk and so light, kept flying all over the place. I wanted to wear the scarf so I decided to pin it in shape so it wouldn't come undone!
Here's a tip: Use a large flower brooch on your scarf, bag, cardigan, blazer or even on your blouse to add a little something extra!
I wanted a white flower brooch and because I didn't have one, I plucked out a flower from the artificial arrangement on the dining table (without my mom knowing) and fixed it with a pin! You can do this with any color flower-to match your outfit!
On another note, I've used and abused this scarf a lot. I've worn it as a headband,a wrist cuff and even tied on my handbag and it's still in mint condition. Money well spent.

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Hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. scarves are being obsession these days! it was a really windy today and I think your idea about using brooch is great when it comes to a weather like today!
    - Shaikha ♡

  2. Yes, I do scarves all year round!!
    :) try it yourself sometime and show us your looks!!
    Thanks for commenting shaikha!

  3. Nice colours. I love it's so casual but chic.

  4. Very nice wear