Monday, July 30, 2012

If it wasn't made for you, Make it yours anyway.

Blouse:F21, Skirt:Evie @ Peacock's, Bag:Mango, Shoes:Spring, Belt:Camaieu, Cuff:India

Can you tell this is a maternity skirt? I’ve tweeted about this skirt a year back (I think), but I decided to blog about it today.
I was already a huge fan of the dipped-hem skirt a while before they started gaining popularity. So finding a really nice one in Bahrain was a task, especially since the trend hadn’t completely hit the island! I looked all over Bahrain for the skirt, but the only place that had it was Peacock’s (not my usual shopping destination). And to make matters worse, they only had it in the maternity section. Sigh.
But I wasn't the one to wait, so I got it. It’s actually a low waisted skirt for going-to-be mommies. Here’s were I used my sewing skills. I took a few inches off the waist, folded the fabric in the centre front to create a single pleat and wore it as a high waisted skirt!
Remember, if it’s not made for you, make it yours anyway.

On another note, I made some new friends last week at my dear friend Anita’s place. Meet Peggy, Rex and Theo. Aren’t they adorable? 

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Have a great week guys! Bow-wow and meow from my new friends.


  1. Brilliant, the way you've worked it out! Love this one!
    Arunita :)

    1. Thanks a lot Arunita! Your comments always make me smile :)

  2. Mango looks gr8 ;-) Good idea, goin in for maternity shelves; esp to resolve size issues..the foot wear is strikingly fab!

  3. Glamorous shoes. Glamorous you and cute pups..............

    1. Thanks a lot Inya!! :) yes, they're very friendly too!