Thursday, July 26, 2012


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Ever been asked to be a bridesmaid at a wedding?
It may look pretty and fairy-tale like in pictures, all smiles  and every one dressed to a T, but no one really knows how many hairs have been shed by the bride and bridesmaids, stressing to make everything look perfect!
Why isn't there a terminology called "bridesmaidzilla"? I mean sure, it is the bride's big day and the biggest worry is "the dress", but that's only one dress- to fit one person. What's even more hectic is deciding outfits for bridesmaids. You cant always have 6 bridesmaids in a size 4 , perfect figure, same complexion and toned body now, can you?
So how does one settle on a look to suit all your 6 bridesmaids, with different body types and complexion?

Hourglass: If you've got a great hourglass figure, toned arms, a tiny waist and have been compared to Beyonce, you want to..

  • Show off your shoulders- don't hide behind a dress that's hiding your best features.If you are heavier on the bottom, baring your shoulders draws all attention upwards and towards your face.
  • Stay away from empire line dresses that will hide your tiny waist. Wear something fitting at the waist.
  • Fish cuts will suit you beautifully , emphasizing your waist and hips.The wide hem of the dress balances out shapely hips. A form fitting dress all the way till the bottom, will only make your hips look wider.If you choose a short dress, make sure its knee length or slightly above. Anything below the knee will only add 10 years to your age!

Heavy upper torso/ busty: Always a tricky body type, you need to know the fine line between looking appealing and vulgar.

  • Forget flowy chiffon, you need tailored dresses that are form fitted, not too tight and not too loose.
  • Opt for wider straps and stay away from tube dresses and backless gowns.
  • Accessorizing with long necklaces that stretch out a vertical line on the upper torso helps create an illusion of length.
  • Stick to solid colors ad they elongate the body and give length.

Longer upper torso: Break  the length with another color, a satin sash or think big, structured dresses.

  • Empire line dresses are your best friend and so are backless,short chiffons.
  • Show off your legs, or opt for full length gowns. Don't do mid length dresses.
  • Think heavy tulle roses on skirts, tulip dresses,  and architectural shapes.
  • You have the advantage of using two colors, a contrasting sash to break the length of your long , lean  upper body.

Heavy Pear: Be a Minimalist.

  • Stay away from lighter shades that will only make you look double in size.Learn to love dark colors.
  • Keep it simple with less detailing, applique and embroidery on the dress.
  • Instead of a bolero, wear a shawl to cover up, or ask your seamstress to sew on lace sleeves or a coat that only covers your arms.
  • Invest in really, really good shape wear, and don't underestimate the power of shape wear.

Pear: attention grabbing necklines and A line shapes.

  • Stick to A line dresses that slide over the body and flow down from the waist.
  • Cover up with a bolero or a shrug. Built in- see through sleeves work well too.
  • Add a belt or sash right under the bust to define shape.
  • Mid length heels, preferably pumps or peep toes work well. Stay away from ankle straps.

Tiny :Add on the volume!

  • Show off your legs- wear something short and puffy.
  • Add on volume with elaborate skirts, and frock-like dresses.
  • Dare to bare- go bare shoulders or backless, but don't bare them all at once.
  • Wear small delicate jewelry and don't over do it with statement pieces.

Tall: Where short women work with vertical lines, you can work with horizontal lines!

  • Well fitting dresses, sheath dresses, shift dresses, long line dresses in soft fabrics are the best.
  • Brocade infused fabrics sit well as you can carry off prints beautifully.
  • Opt for lower heels,kitten heels and pointy structured flats that show sophistication.

Complexion: If  you're a beautiful dark, dusky shade, lighter colors look great against dark skin tones- avoid black unless you want to drown in the crowd.Think whites,yellows and nudes.
Medium-gold skin tone- Colors like browns, champagne, neutrals and pastels look flirty and feminine.
White-pale skin: Jewel tones were made for you. Choose from striking colors to sit well with your complexion.

Always remember, bridesmaids need not have the exact same dress. Color will remain the same, but the shapes and silhouettes can change, and that's what makes the difference.

Today's post was written in reply to a reader's request and I hope you all found this helpful. 



  1. Hey v v informative, interestin n easy t understand for a non fashion person lyk me..thanks a tonne! :-)

  2. lovely post :D.. cane even work for special parties

    1. Thanks Yasmin! :) yes, applies for all formal occasions actually. You're right :)

  3. THANK U for being so considerate and including heavy pear time try including round ball too :D and i could have used this post before stitching my bridesmaids dress lool

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