Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gold-Black gradient nail tutorial

So I've been obsessing about nail art ever since I joined Instagram and followed "Thenailartstory". They post pictures of amazing nail art all over the world.I've tried recreating them all and recently, Shub from Dimpled fairy diary (visit her page HERE ), posted a picture of a gold and black ombre nail art and I've been wanting to try it out since! I've done many ombre nail art looks before and because its much easier and time saving than water marble nails, I decided to show you guys how to get the look.
You can even you tube "Ombre nails" and you'll find many ways as to how its done, I learned to create this look from Youtube.

Let's get started...

You will need:
Black nail polish
A metallic nail polish, preferably gold or silver, or you can even use a colored metallic shade to add a pop of color.
A shiny top coat 
A sponge- the thinner, the better.

1) Paint your nails black first and let it dry.Then pour out a little of the gold polish onto any flat container.(I was lazy and used the post-it stack lying on my dressing table).

 2)Folding the sponge, dip it into the gold polish and start pressing down the color on the tip of your nails.

3)Make sure you start at the tip as we want the color to be the darkest over here.Slowly keep dabbing the sponge down, and stop halfway through the nail. Press the hardest on the tips to add more color.

 4)You will end up with something like this:

 5) To add more color, you can also use the nail polish brush to darken the tips of your nail.

6)Once your nails are dry, paint over it with a clear nail polish so that it evens out the surface of your nail. Give it 2 coats and leave to dry.

 7) And that's the finished look! You can use a shiny top coat if you like, But I like mine matte!

You can try this look with many different colors and even go up to 3 colors.Start with a transparent and use a jewel tone on the tips, or even a blue fade to green!

Hope you guys found this helpful!



  1. love the idea!!! so easy to do I'm really going to try it soon :)