Monday, July 16, 2012


Tulip Dress:Zara, Suede pumps:Miss Selfridge, Bag:Forever New, Belt:Camaieu

I walked into Zara the other day looking for a dress, and I was adamant on getting a printed dress. I searched through the sea of people that were there and as I was about to give up, I saw this little baby peeping out through one of the racks. I instantly knew I wanted the dress, but I was terrified to go and check the back neck label as I was afraid it wouldn’t be my size.
You know what? It was the last piece left in my size and the cashier told me I was lucky, as many women wanted the exact same dress but couldn’t find sizes!
Can you imagine how thrilled I was? Totally loving this tulip dress! I love how busy the print is and I love that you can even dress it down with a cute cardigan and flats.

On another note, Check out my nails, I splurged on nail polish last month and as you can see, it's money well spent. I love creating little patterns and two-tones on my nails and these candy tipped nails were super easy to do! Oh, and take note on how beautifully it sits with the belt on my dress!

Love the dress? Get it HERE.

Lots of love,


  1. I love this beautiful, beautiful outfit of yours. Everything goes together. :) Didn't you try that sexy li'l pink heels of yours with that ? It would have looked yay-er. :)
    PS. Sexy back. :)
    R. :)

    1. Thank you R! But I think I wear the pink shoes too much anyway so opted for these black ones instead! :)

    2. Uh huh. You had a slight touch of pink there, so that's why. But hey, black is awesome too.

  2. love love love your outfit, you really look pretty!