Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall's must have bag.

 As most of you already know, I have a huge obsession with bags and shoes more than clothing and I always lean towards structured bags that are more chic and appealing, rather  than slouchy bags. I am extremely fussy when it comes to picking out handbags and wallets, which makes my search for the perfect handbag quite impossible.
But then there's Mango, making things so much simpler for me.Most of my bags are purchased from Mango as they have everything from structured office bags to chic tiny totes and satchels.This mini structured tote with gold zipper detail inspired by Philip Lim, is my ultimate must have of the season. It's great for weekends and casual work days and better yet- it comes in 3 different colors. It's the perfect size and shape for any outfit and I love how the zippers on the side open to expand the bag when I have extra junk in it .

I highly recommend picking it up from stores before it flies of the shelves! Remember, great accessories are the finishing touches to a great outfit.

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Bag- Mango, Dress- ASOS

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  1. I reckon. you have a lust worthy collection of shoes:) and you look really chic in this outfit. Loved the aztec necklace. The whole outfit is adorable. I have recently started buying from Mango and must say it has become my new obsession. I love their collections. But I only buy when it's on sale :)