Monday, September 22, 2014

Heel Talk

 I usually save my sky high heels for special occasions or events, as I personally feel that wearing really tall shoes during a normal day can make a person quite sluggish. Stepping out in a pair of six inches for a lunch date is ok if it’s going to last a couple of hours, but not longer.Yes, it can make you feel tall and confident but walking around them for more than 5 hours when yyou'vegot errands to run can make you look quite uncomfortable. I’ve seen this in the mall many times- women, some I even know or used to know- shopping in un- attractive platform pumps and wobbling around the stores, looking quite out of place and walking like a new born calf. When sometimes I want to buy them a decent pair of heels that were made for walking, other times I like to watch the calf wobble around trying to somehow make it through the crowded mall.
Investing in block heels, mid-heeled shoes are not only stylish and on trend, bur also very practical. I personally love blocked heel sandals at the moment for casual work days and pointed pumps in the office or structured pointed toe flats when I’m running around the mall. These not only make you look great, but also get you through the day with minimal foot cramps and strain.

On another note, I recently styled a set of looks for Devji for their latest campaign which I’m super excited to share. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks until I can publish there, but I promise they’re worth the wait!

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Bag, Top and Jeans: Mango, Kimono Jacket: Quiz, Shoes: Zara