Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tilly's Closet

 If you're obsessed with shoes like all almost all women are and you haven't heard of Tilly's Closet yet, Well, Shame on you! With a variety of amazing shoes to offer- Heels, flats and some seriously stylish loafers for the men as well, Till's Closet is the perfect place to have a luxurious shopping experience with your girlfriends! With Tilly's Cafe on the right and Galleria Sophia on the left, you'll be lost among the splendor of the area!
Apart from Schutz, TC carries a range of amazing shoes by " The Glow Brand", where stilettos are crafted in eye- catching colors, made of  thermoplastic polyurethane, the same material used in surgical skin grafting, which makes it more comfortable than leather and gives you the added benefit of staying crease free with over-use.They even have particles in them that cause these babies to glow in the dark! Now who wouldn't want that? Oh and the best part? These shoes can be washed in the dish washer. Yep.

To know more about the brand visit The Glow Brand or simply pop into Tilly's Closet or Schutz Bahrain!
TC is located at Jawad Dome , Barbar and Schutz is located on the ground Floor, Seef Mall, opposite Monsoon.

Sophia Jawad, Founder and owner of Tilly's Closet.

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