Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Indo- Western Ratio.

As much as I love Indian wear, I rarely get the chance to go all out and dress up in ethnic wear. So I try and work with versatile Indian pieces like a heavy bordered skirt , an embroidered dupatta or a kurta and incorporate it into my daily outfits.
Take this skirt for example. I paired it with a crop top and to add definition to my waistline, I hitched the skirt up so I don't look like a rectangle and can still show off some curves while I move around. I've added in red suede kitten heels with a pointed toe to sit with the midi skirt. A modern satin over-sized clutch and antique Indian Jewelry pieces look great against the dark color and high neckline of the top.
You can even wear a similar skirt with a strappy vest and a denim jacket over it . The idea is to be creative, but still keeping a good balance between the two extremes.
I also love wearing heavy embroidered dupattas as shawls with jeans and flats on a casual day. Some over-sized sunnies ,a messy top knot and a classy tote and you can pull off an effortless look in a matter of minutes!
P.S: See a similar post from one of my older posts here.

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  1. Great combination ♥♥♥..loved your previous post similar to this one as well..

    U look stunnin nonetheless

  2. That's a great outfit. I am a fan of fusion dressing!

    ∞ ∞

  3. Thanks Tanvi ! Just checked out your blog ! Its fantastic.

  4. Hai Ashwathy!!!where is this top from!!!!