Saturday, March 1, 2014

Black to Basics

Black is undoubtedly my favorite color. Although I have reduced wearing too much black in the past 2 years, I cant help but pull off an all-black outfit every now and then.
Because black accessories would be a little too over-whelming, I added in hints of nude to tone down the look. Silver accessories to match the embellishment on my neckline and the tucked in blouse make the look slightly more formal.
This is exactly what I would wear to work on a day when I'm confused about the look I'm going for. Over-sized blouse tucked into mid-waisted trousers and all in black! A mannish watch and minimal jewelry to complete the look is all I need.
Since we've already started phasing into summer and all the dark colors would slowly start fading out, I decided to go all- back one last time before the sun is up at it's brightest!

P.S: You can even work bright colors into an all-black look. My personal favorites are neon yellow, red and hot pink. Try the look by wearing some thing black and keeping the color of your shoes and handbag the same in a fun hue!

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Blouse, Bag and Shoes: Mango, Trousers: Camaieu, Watch: Parfois, Bracelet: Pandora


  1. Black is my fav colour and I loveddd this look Ash! Awesome ness :) Ur toooooo pretty!!!
    Btw I wanted to invest in a good pair of nude shoes, could you please suggest few of ur fav brands please? :)

  2. Thanks Manju ;). I personally love mango. They always do a good collection of nude shoes in different heel heights.