Monday, March 3, 2014

BLUE mood.

 So the "it colour" breaking us into Summer is Blue. Not the shade I'm sporting, but Powder blue to be exact. I've fallen in love with baby blues and pinks and the reason I've decided to do a brighter blue is because some women out there hate the idea of lighter colors.
So one way to add in lighter colors into your outfit is to buy light colored basics. Think denim, vests, tee shirts you can layer and even a few statement jewelry. That way you can get away by pairing it with a darker shade of blue.
Don't get me wrong, but I love powder blue and how great it looks on dusky-darker skin tones.Take Lupita Nyongo for Eg. in this beautiful pleated baby blue gown at the Oscar's recently. She looks so fresh and chic and was the most talked-about celeb by all the fashion critics for how beautiful she looked.
So girls, if you're a darker skin shade and are afraid of wearing lighter colors, it's time to break away from that fear and invest in some key pastel pieces.YES.

I cant wait until I bring out my chiffon sundresses and blossom printed blouses. Although I detest summer, I miss playing with color! Have you guys got a favorite summer color? Mine is white, and always will be!

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Jumper: Camaieu, Jeans:Hobbs, Bag: Accessorize, Necklace: BHS, Bangles: Macey's, Accessorize

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