Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet The Crew

Sometimes it takes about 20 shots to get 8 great ones for the blog and here's the team responsible for everything that takes place behind the scenes and how far I've come.

Everything may look nice and rosy on the website, but it takes hours to cover a shoot and if weren't for these guys, I'd be no where!
The Senior Photographer is also my sister, as you can tell by surname. She covers all the photo shoots on weekdays, if we decide on a post or any product related shoots.
Suaad, who's also my best friend covers all weekend shoots, when we decide on far- away locations and more "themed" posts . Muji is the location planner and usually coordinates with the photographers on sets for the weekends. Location shoots are only done once or twice a week, where we actually drive off to a place that may have caught our attention.
Apart from the team that I work with on a regular basis, Sarika is the substitute photographer, who covers all location shoots while I've driven the others up the wall. And say hello to the newest member of the crew, Gautam, who's currently under training and who rarely smiles when the lens is focused on him.

You guys should love them before you love me :)

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