Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fully Fledged Summer.

I'm not sure about you guys, but I personally prefer prints and textures over solids any day! Which is why I decided to welcome summer 2014 with florals and neon! I used to hate neon as it makes me look darker. Yep. Neon makes dusky women darker so unless that's what you're going for, try wearing the color in moderation. I've started accepting neon over the last year and my hate for neon completely vanished when I chanced upon these gorgeous loafers from Zara! Ever since, I've tried to wear neon in moderation . For example look for neon in subtle prints or details on a dress . Accessories work too- choose from necklaces , bags or even shoes to add a bit of "POP" and stand out from the crowd!
Show me how you guys wear NEON by tagging @askthestylecouncil on Instagram with the hashtag #thestylecounciltaash and get a chance to win nothing , but hey, at least we're sharing ideas :)

On another note, I'm totally crushing on Zayn Malik. Yes. I know, I sound so 16. But - it's always nice to be young at heart!
Until the next post, x's and o's !

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Blouse, Dress( hitched up) : HM, Leggings and Shoes: Zara, Bag : Monsoon Accessorize, Hand accessories: Mango, Camaieu, Accessorize.