Monday, September 23, 2013

Phasing out of summer...well, Almost!

 Have I mentioned that I hate summer? As much as I love wearing fun colors and summery skirts, I cant stand the heat! Winter, on the other hand I love! I love my boots and trench coats more than my pumps and vests.
I've been waiting to wear this safari jacket and I couldn't wait any longer so I wore it to the mall the other day. It's twill, so it isn't too warm. So bonus points for that. I also love the box pockets and the gold detailing on it. Ladies, anything gold or rose gold on your outfit is always classy.I prefer gold details more than silver because well... I think I'm so over my "silver phase". But when it comes to real gold and silver, I prefer silver. Unless it's the Cartier "Love bracelet", then it's gold.. and silver.. and rose gold! Confused?Yes, I'm a woman.

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Jacket:Mango, Jeans:BHS, Shoes:Kurt Geiger, Bag:Thrifted, Blouse:HM, Jewelery:Monsoon


  1. You fill in those jeans perfectly. You're a perfect hourglass! Love the curves.

    A fan, not a perv.

  2. Are those high wasted jeans? Whats your instagram