Sunday, September 15, 2013

DRAMA, Drama, Drama...

 The easiest way to sport a dramatic look? Red lips, slightly smoky eyes and accents of red. Now this isn't a typical day time look. I was just playing around with pieces in my wardrobe and came up with this look. As un-wearable as it may be during the day time, I think this makes a great night time outfit for those festive family dinners. Anyway, let me tell you more about this look. I'm, actually wearing a dress and a cardigan under the skirt! The golden bit under the crochet is a short mango brocade dress and I've worn a crochet cardi back ways and tucked it into my skirt!

Don't be afraid to wear on your cardi back ways. I've done it lots of times and it can be pulled off as a backless top! Try it out for yourself! Just make sure you tuck it in.
P.S : Not all cardigans will work. Only lightweight jersey, crochet or lace!

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Dress, Belt: Mango, Shoes:F21, Skirt : India, Cardi:Gifted


  1. I absolutely loved your attire. You're SO amazing at this ! :)

  2. So gorgeous! Loved the outfit ideas and your hair :') Is the skirt from Fab India?

  3. Thank you ! :) its from a local shop in india, not fab india...