Saturday, September 21, 2013

As simple as that

Ok, I'll admit it.There are days when I'm so lazy to put thought into my outfit . Sometimes all I want to do is roam around in leggings and an over sized tee. But you wouldn't want to be caught like you just walked out of yoga class now, would you? So here's what I do. Stick to basics. Yep. For me, that's the combination of denim and black or denim and white.Whatever you go for, alwys remember: you must own a good pair of jeans and by that I mean- good quality, exceptionally good fit (tight in the right places) and a good denim wash.All my jeans are from mango. I love the super skinny "Alice" range!
I try and add a little bit of color with my accessories. Either I'll wear a bright colored shoe or my handbag will stand out.

Note how I haven't over-done the green by adding green shoes as well. Instead, I matched my golden glitter shoe to my necklace and cuff.

It's as simple as that!

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Jeans: Mango, Top:H&M, Bag: Monsoon Accessorize, Bracelets: Assorted

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