Sunday, May 12, 2013

Product Review :The Body Shop

 As you all know, I've loved The Body Shop ever since I can remember and they only seem to keep impressing me with all the new products, be it an exclusive new celebrity collaborated collection or a single product on its own. I've already proclaimed to the world via Instagram and my FB page about the Tea Tree Oil and the Strawberry seed dry oil and all the wonders they have worked for me.
I've recently just added a few more products on my favorite's list and here's why...

Brazil Nut Cream body scrub: (Highly Recommended + )*
I kid you not when I say that this product is seriously mouth watering. It smells SO GOOD, you will want to eat it.I also love it because it's a perfect pampering product every girl must own. It scrubs off and exfoliates all the dryness off of your body and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. The best part is that it's not too harsh on skin, unlike other exfoliating scrubs, and the creamy formula makes it super easy to apply.If you ever happen to go to the mall anytime soon, stop by TBS and take a whiff of this baby.
* For use in the shower only. Perfect for dry elbows and knees even!
Confession time- I actually tasted a little bit because, smells THAT good.

Japanese Cherry Blossom spray: (Perfect fragrance for summer)
I wear perfume only at special events or night out's because I tend to stick to softer body sprays during the day time. There's something very sensual about smelling like delicate floral notes in the morning as opposed to strong smelling perfumes. Don't get me wrong, I love my Chloe Intense and Extreme Aigner, but I think its best to save such scents for the evening. That is why this Japanese cherry blossom spray is perfect to use on an everyday basis. It smells amazing and it's a very convenient size too. Easy to carry in my handbag to work, so double points for that!

Vitamin C skin Boost: (Highly Recommended)*
I dare you to not like this product. I have been using this ever since the "Pulse" event at The Body Shop, where it was a part of the goody bag and I have been using it till date. The formula is very very different from anything I've ever used before and it smells like oranges. It's not a serum exactly, more like a skin boosting primer. On application, it feels like silk on your skin just for 3 seconds and it completely blends in, which is amazing! I use this product as a base before I apply my makeup and even on no makeup days, I use it as a moisturizer. TRY THIS OUT.
* For Oily Skin: Don't use too much of the product, just a tiny pump for the face.

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream (Must try)
Finding the right foundation shade to suit your skin tone is always such a task and after the invention of BB creams, the same hunt began for the right color.I even have a few friends who do not use BB creams just because they don't want to go around looking for the exact color. Here's where the Vitamin E BB cream is perfect . It comes in one shade that suits all! Its hard to believe, but it really does. My sister is fairer than I am and both of us are using it. Amazing right? It has light-medium coverage and blends in very easily. Leaves  my skin feeling fresh and gives it a natural glow.  #Win

So until I discover more amazing products, Do try these out and leave your comments below and feel free to share your favorites with me too !

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  1. I love cocoa butter. Does the brazil nut thing smell like cocoa butter? And im keen on this Vitamin C serum thing you talk about.
    Great photographs too.

    1. I love cocoa butter too, but this one smells better ! :)

  2. Hahaahaha! I enjoyed this post. So cute...Your statement about tasting the product makes me want to try it out because I do the same too. :)


  3. What guarantee is there that the BB cream suits everyone?

    1. Hi , I understand your worry but I suggest you go try it out and see for yourself. The body shop now has an amazing concept where you can take small amounts of product in little plastic containers , available in store. You can try it out at home and see how it works for you.It's always a "try before you buy" concept. :)

  4. Great review Ashwathy've gotten me excited about the body scrub and the vitamin C serum. Definitely want to try it.

  5. Great post. I want to try Nut Cream body scrub.I was confused about body shop products . thank you for postings and details provided.:-)