Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All on board....

I've always been a big fan of the whole nautical feel. I've sported so many nautical looks all of last week, be it at work or casual outings, that I decided to blog yet another post feeling all sailor-y.
Rocking a nautical look doesn't mean you have to wear navy and white or even stick only to stripes.There are lots of ways to work around the look, even by playing with fabrics. Think linen and cool cotton. Yes, stripes are a more obvious way , but you can even simply put together colors that give off the nautical vibe like tan, soft khaki, white, ivory, beige, red, burgundy, navy, blues and even black.
I suggest to pick three or four colors of the lot and work the entire outfit around it. Don't go crazy with colors. If you want to sport the look to work, navy or khaki trousers with a crisp white shirt will work. Keep your shoes and handbag red to complete the look.
If its a casual outing, a straw hat or an over sized bag are sure to make a statement! So go on, create a cute nautical look and feel free to share it on my Facebook page HERE.

P.S: Honorable mention to my dear friend Muji for going through with this shoot for me.

On Me- Skirt:Forever21, Tee:HM, Bag:Mango, Belt and Hat:Camaieu, Armswag:Monsoon, Aldo.
On Him- Shirt: Nautica, Jeans: Custom, Shoes: CAT, Watch:Esprit
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  1. I love it! Love the whole look!I too really like the whole nautical feel and look. and fun fact that I used to be the assistant merchandiser for the brand Nautica in India.. really like the brand too!

  2. Hello! What place is this? Looks beautiful!