Monday, May 20, 2013

How to rock: Muted Colors

Who says grey and other muted colors have to be boring? I love grey! In fact 2 years back, I was anti-color and would only wear black, greys and navy.
Why not add a bit of quirk to your look when wearing muted colors  The easiest way is to try to match tone for tone. For eg: I'm wearing a grey skirt with tiny little white flowers so Instead of tonally darker grey footwear, I've decided on a pair of Silver sandals to stand out and match with my chrome belt. Also note how I've tonally matched the dull wine of my blouse with my necklace. If you decide to wear beige or tan, try gold or bronze accents.
I've also piled on lots of silver arm swag because as you guys know I love my jewelry  That, I would have to say is the easiest way to spruce up any casual outfit. Accessories. And lots of it!
On another note, Its getting seriously hot on the island and I'm bringing out all my summer skirts and sundresses. I'm more of a 'skirt' person and less of a 'shorts' person so forgive me if I over-do and over-kill skirts in the next few posts .

Summer Score: Fun floral prints and skirts with cute pockets add a little more funk into your style as opposed to the usual denim cutoffs and A-line skirts.Tan is always cool for summer.

Blouse:Vero Moda, Skirt, Monsoon, Sandals:HM, Bag:Sequoia, Necklace:Camaieu, Armswag: Monsoon, Anne Klein

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    Where's the belt from? I love it.

  2. Pretty Prettyy skirt!!