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Guest Post with Youthful Power Dressing

There comes a point in every woman’s life where she must put some serious thought into her wardrobe and we’re not talking about the usual daily amount of thought that we put into our every-day outfits. We’re talking about deciding on that perfect outfit that exudes the right signals to those around you, sends off the perfect message of reliability and responsibility, that one amazing outfit that will simply scream employability.
It must be one of the harder wardrobe conundrums out there, if there was a sliding scale; job interview attire would be up there somewhere in between first date outfits and what to wear to the office Christmas party.
It is one of those occasions where what you wear really does matter, because as we all know; first impressions count, so if you rock up looking like you've not slept and you don’t have regular access to a washing machine you probably won’t be needing to dig out your work permit any time soon.
We take a little look at some of the classic do’s and don’ts for power dressing, making sure you wear the right thing without looking overly stuffy or too under-dressed; trust us; it’s a fine art!
First and foremost; never underestimate the power of the suit, they’re not reserved only for old business men, if worn properly they can really hit the nail on the head. They are properly formal for a smart job interview or just for an important meeting and well worth investing in. Make sure you buy one that isn’t seasonal so that it can be worn at any time of the year, whenever it’s needed. A light weight fabric will avoid any creases and remember that you don’t have to go for a classic black suit; go for one in a colour that suits your skin tone. If you want to mix things up then you can always swap out trousers for a stylish and feminine pencil skirt, to keep the ensemble looking fashion forward then why not try out a printed two piece for one of this season’s biggest trends.
If you decide to go with a skirt then make sure that it is the right size, neither too big or too small, one of the biggest conundrums we find with wearing skirts for a job interview is to go bare legged or not. The rule of thumb here is if in doubt; wear tights even if it’s just a pair of skin coloured tights on a warm day, it just looks a little bit smarter!
A brightly coloured lipstick will speak volumes about you without you even having to open your mouth. Some people say that wearing a bright lipstick to a job interview is distracting and potentially inappropriate but it is definitely an easy way to bring a youthful and stylish twist to any outfit. Chose you’re colour wisely, avoid a sexy red if you don’t think it will go down well and instead go for an on-trend pink hue. If you do choose to wear a lipstick then keep the rest of your make-up quite natural looking, a clean looking face with a little blush and a slick of mascara should suffice.
One thing that many girls forget to consider when putting together interview outfits is the bag! It is equally as important as any other element of your outfit. A bag speaks volumes about its owners so don’t turn up with a carrier bag from the bargain booze store. A briefcase might be a little over the top for a young lady but a smart satchel or clutch will do the trick, equally make sure you don’t carry too many unnecessary belongings around with you. All you need is a couple copies of your CV or presentation, make up essentials, diary, wallet and phone.
Job Interview Essentials:

1.       Black Blazer – Wallis - £45 – This is an absolute interview essential, if you’re ever in doubt about what to wear you really can’t go wrong with a black blazer. Opt for an oversized style to keep it looking fresh and young looking.
2.       Textured Tailored Trousers - Moschino - £370 – A pair of tailored trousers are always a good choice; they’re flattering and really mean business, try a pop of colour to really pack a punch!
3.       Shirt – Victoria Beckham - £450 – A shirt or blouse is a failsafe wardrobe essential, it will go with anything from trousers to skits and looks great under a blazer, choose a slightly oversized style and lightweight material to avoid looking too stuffy.
4.       Sequin Day Dress – Reiss - £110 – We surely don’t need to tell you about the wonders of a well-fitting little black dress, there is a reason it’s a classic; it’s a safe choice, choose an on-trend cut to keep it looking fresh.
5.       Glacier White Python Heels – Alexander Wang - £340 – The perfect pair of heels is hard to come by, these stunning heels are just the right height to avoid any embarrassing falls and on-trend white will keep your ensembles truly stylish.
6.       Contrasting Print Blazer – Zara - £65 – If you’re feeling like you want to stand out then a printed blazer is really big this season, it’s the perfect balance of style and formality, we love this printed one from Zara, if you’re feeling really bold why not team with the matching trousers!
7.       Pettite No. 2 Pencil Skirt – J. Crew - £63 – A classic pencil skirt is perfect for a formal occasion but if you want to update this look why not go for an on trend colour, this one from J. Crew would be perfect teamed with a white blouse and courts.
8.       iPad Case - Zagliani - £390 – A smart iPad case is a great accessory to take with you for a job interview, it shows that you take care of your belongings and take pride in appearances!
So there you have it, some of the essential items for dressing to impress for a job interview, what are your essential tips that always help you shine when it’s needed most?

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