Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Blocking 101

Color Blocking 101:

Even though the color blocking trend has come and gone, I still see a lot of women doing it and sometimes it hurts the eye when you see someone just strutting around looking like a walking box of Crayola.
Colorful clothes make you feel better  and can lift up your spirits instantly but you must follow the rules of the color wheel if you're going to work the trend.
Some safe combinations you can try out are Red+Yellow, Pink+Brown, Green+Yellow, Navy+Coral. When wearing black, you can coordinate with up to 3 colors.

Rule# 1: When working with two bright colors, Remember about accessorizing-Less is always more. Also, you do not want to overwhelm the look by adding another bright color on your feet.Stick to a tonally darker/lighter shade of what you're wearing already. Or you can even pick up hints from little details on your outfit and play match.
Note below how I've used the gold heel on my pumps and the gold buttons on my blouse to match my clutch with. You could also tuck in your blouse and add a lacy gold belt!
I personally love yellow and blue but it depends on the shade of the colors, really!

Blouse:H&M, Jeans and shoes:Zara, Clutch:Versace, Accessories:Thrifted

Rule# 2: When in doubt, Always look at the color wheel.Pick out the colors that are directly opposite each other and try to look for something in your closet that is the closest match.Sometimes taking a risk is good if you are very confident with yourself and your choices. 
Here I've picked out 2 shades of purple and paired it with 2 shades of green. Note how the shades differ from my top to bag,both in purple and my skirt and shoe, both in green. When playing with shades, always remember to not bring another color into the picture as it can disturb the entire look of the outfit.

Blouse:Vero Moda, Bag:Monsoon, Pumps: Zara, Skirt:Koton

Rule# 3: The break in silence. If you're looking to color block in a more subtle way, Always remember to use a basic color like black or nude. There's just so much to do with these colors. 
With nude or lighter shades always keep balance by choosing two complimentary bold  colors to go with it. Remember both the bright colors should compliment each other as well as compliment the neutral color individually.
Blue and pink sit splendidly together and look great against a pale brown.P.S: The skirt is actually a top. Its just worn as a skirt! :)

Tee: F21, Top worn as skirt:Alcott , Cutout heels:Spring, Clutch:Centrepoint

Another option is to use black.You can go as crazy as you like with black .The loudest colors and accessories can sit beautifully with black bust just make sure you've got enough black on you to distract the onlookers eye.
Here I've paired chunky black heels and jeans with pink, yellow and this gorgeous green-blue.

Rule# 4: Breaking all the above rules. At the end of the day everyone's style is their own. And its great to simply stand out from the crowd by just breaking the norms.The way you dress actually speaks a lot about yourself and every one has the right to express emotions and feelings through clothing.

Below: Jeans:F21, Scarf:Alcott, Neon bag: thrifted, Blouse:Camaieu, Pumps:New look

But remember, always mix to create a harmonious palette.

Hope you all found this helpful!!


  1. Absolutely love the last look! Very well styled and matched!

    1. Thanks Shabana.Yes, the last is our favourite rule as well.
      Thanks for leaving your comment.