Monday, June 18, 2012

Convert your Indian kurta into a dipped hem top

It's been a tough couple of days at the design office-so much to do and so little time.I have some sad news to announce soon and although I wish for it to not be hurts to say that it is.
Moving on, In today's post, lets talk about Indian outfits- kurtas, kurtis, salwaar suits etc. I mean, how many of you actually wear these around?
There's so much you can do with Indian wear and here is one way how you can wear your kurta in a more trendy way, by converting it into a dipped hem top sans the fabric shears.

What you will need:
  • A kurta- preferably one that has slits on both sides.
  • Your awesome self.
All you need to do is tuck in the front portion of the kurta into your jeans and that's it. Its as simple as that. Add on a shiny belt, wear your favorite pair of heels and remember to accessorize well.

What I did to keep the Indian part of it alive? Stacked up thread bangles and oxidized silver jewellery and carried my Indian-ish fringe bag with bead work.

Can you tell  I'm Indian but born and brought up in another country?

Kurta: India, Bag:Monsoon, Jeans:Mango, Shoes:New look, Belt:Alcott

I'm actually going to put in a separate section on how to wear Indian outfits in an entirely different way. Cannot wait to share ideas with you guys!

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