Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The last brunch, not supper

So remember how a few days back I said I had some sad news to announce?Well, the day is finally here.
After a lot of giggles, screams, money spent, loafing around and tears, it was finally time to say good bye to my co-worker/blogger and friend, Tasha Rajee.
She joined the company, a snobby little spoiled princess(or at least I thought so) always glued on to her blackberry and she leaves now, a strong, independent woman,still glued to her 5th blackberry? No I think it's the 6th or the 7th...

2 chick flicks, an insane amount of food and 3 bags of chips later, we decide to take some pictures for the blog.

Tasha Rajee: Designer. Visit her kids wear brand and like the page here

Tasha and I

Tasha will still be blogging on the Fashion segment on our blog from Australia, where she will be united with her hubby!
Tash, I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.


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