Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DIY- My Signature twisted hairdo

When my hair was longer, a trademark look of mine, loved by many, was the twisted low knot. Now that my hair is much shorter and all I can do is let it loose or tie it into a low pony, I decided to find a way around to re-create the highly –requested signature look and here’s how you can too.
Before we begin, all you need to have on your dresser is a hair brush, a strong elastic headband and a few bobby pins (optional- if you've got stubborn hair).

For this hairdo- you needn’t straighten out your hair completely. Slightly wavy hair is better to achieve a great look that holds well.
Let’s get started:
1.       Brush out your hair and create a middle partition.
2.       Put on your elastic headband over the head so it sits over the hair above the nape of your neck and not under it.
3.       Start by twisting small sections of hair above the arch of your eyebrow and twist this into the headband and pull out from inside. Continue to twist sections of hair into the band- the sections can be small if you want a tighter twist or bigger if you want a loose twist. I personally prefer slightly bigger sections.
4.       Once you've finished twisting both sides until the back, you will have a fistful of hair left out. Using both hands secure all the remaining hair and twist this fully into the band. Use bobby pins to secure if needed and finish off with hairspray if you want a stronger hold to last you throughout the night.
5.       Pull out a few strands at the sides if needed, for a messier look- This goes well with dresses and bohemian styles while I would suggest keeping it tight and clean for Ethnic wear.

You can even wear this look with different headbands- floral bands, plain black ones for work or diamante bands for the night.

Simple, easy and a great do for bad hair days! Hope you guys found this tutorial helpful. Do leave comments on other tutorials you guys would like to see on the comments section below!

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  1. Lovely hairdo! Appreciate all your efforts on maintaining such a wonderful blog. Would you please let me know where you got the headband from and what is your secret to achieving that shiny bouncy hair!

  2. This is so pretty. I am so envious of your gorgeous hair and the amazing hairstyle you do. I seem to be so lost with my hair :(