Saturday, August 9, 2014

10 reasons to have a Gang of Girlfriends

I think we can all agree when I say that friends are a vital part of our day to day lives. While having a guy friend/friends have their own perks, nothing can come close to having a bunch of close girlfriends! I have a crazy bunch myself and I can tell you this much- If it weren't for these amazing women, my life would be drab and painfully empty.
Sure I enjoy my solitary moments when I’m reading or having a spa day or quieter times with my best friend and sister but sometimes you just need a small crowd. Be it shopping, brunch, travelling, a night out or slumber parties, having a close knit group of girls can change your life and here’s how:
  1. You can never go wrong in picking out an outfit when you have an honest opinion, collectively.
  2. Break-up’s aren’t that depressing when you can drown your sorrows in a mega sized bucket of Ben and Jerry’s and not have to worry about gaining too much weight when you have 6 other girls eating out of the tub with you.
  3. Taking over that little salon in the corner of the street has never been better. Having your nails done in a crowded salon isn’t your ideal service. Having the salon crowded with faces you’d rather see and voices you’d rather hear make the time spent there even better. Topics to discuss and colors to select are endless.
  4. Leave your brains at home, drown your IQ in a glass of water and sit on your logical reasoning powers! Your Girl gang meet up is the only place where you can openly fight for the top position on the ladder of stupidity and not get judged for it.
  5. Travelling is cheaper and 10x more fun when you have your girls with you. Nothing beats discovering a new place, playing dress up and midnight talks with your girl gang in a luxurious penthouse suite in a foreign country.
  6. You look forward to group chats and the media and voice clips that come along with it.
  7. Impromptu meet up plans are not an issue as you’ve mastered the art of getting ready in a matter of minutes. Put on a clean shirt and show up sans makeup in all your imperfect glory. Being judgmental is for acquaintances.
  8. You never have to worry about over sleeping on weekends. Waking up to the ring of 158 unread whatsapp messages may not be your ideal wake up call, but it’ll do.
  9. Sure selfies are a mental disorder, but who said that was a bad thing? It’s time to get your production defect mode on and click away. Besides, nothing makes a selfie more special than your best girlfriends all huddled up in one awesome picture.
  10. Times of distress and sorrow are easier to get through when you have 6 voices encouraging you to keep moving forward and staying strong.

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  1. waffff! muahh <3 rach

  2. Loved the post.So so true...Do check my blog and let me know if you'd like to follow each other.