Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tropical Punch

 I'm going to be honest and tell you guys that I'm suddenly loving more tees + skinny jeans combos. I love 3/4th sleeve jersey tees . I think it makes the wearer look chic and stylish even if you haven't put in any effort to styling at all. All you really need is some gold / rose gold permanent bracelets, great shoes- and by these I also mean slip-on's and a great bag. Yep. I'm all about relaxed chic at the moment so I'm loving prancing around town in flats and casual tops.
P.S: I only wore these shoes to the shoot, I changed into suede cobalt blue ballet shoes afterwards! :D I've also come to learn that I like to save my dressy heels for occasions. If I'm going to wear my pretty skyscrapers all the time, where's the mystery / fun left in getting all dressed up for a night out? Don't get me wrong, Being well dressed all the time is the way to go, but who said linen mix tees and a perfectly fitted pair of dark wash denims wasn't?

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Jeans and Bag: Mango, Top: Zara, Shoes: Spring, Accessories: Monsoon, Parfois, Mango, Scarf: Jmode


  1. Wow. This one is so pretty. Love the colours Ashwathy. And such an exotic location. Is it a forest?

  2. Hi Ritcha

    Thank you so much. No. its just a park :) xxx