Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shirt over Tee + A fact about Me

A lot of you guys have emailed me and even posted questions on my instagram account about how I always maintain my hair and how I walk in heels all the time.The truth is, I don't. I don't always let my hair loose or wear high heels. I always have a pair of flats with me if I know I have to do a lot of running around after a shoot.Because let's be practical here. I would never wear heels to the mall or on a busy day.You do not need heels to look stylish. I changed into sneakers after this shoot because I had a long, busy day ahead and I did not want to be prancing around in strappy heels.Also, I like to save my heels for an occasion or a night out.
For work I have 2 pairs of 4 inch heeled pumps, one in nude and one in black. I also keep a pair of sturdy black flats at work, in case of sudden, unexpected work trips to mall, that involves a lot of running around.

Moving on to my look in this post, I love the idea of wearing casual shirts- be it checked or striped over a tank top or cuter placement print Tee shirts to bring a bit of edge to the look. Layering is key for me and I love pairing my shirts with Tee's, Jumpers and vests.Knot em up, Tuck them in or half in, half out and that's a little trick to wear the shirt. Don't let the shirt wear you.

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Bag and Jeans: Mango, Shoes: Zara, Tee: Paris, Shirt: Pull and Bear, Necklace: Camaieu, Braelets: Monsoon


  1. just read this, I was intrigued by the photos. post with the sneakers you had too plz! I would love to see that (i imagined the outfit with combat boots but sneakers would be edgy/fun too especially for summer). and flats for the practical side of the outfit on your other outfits for those of us who dont wear heels unless its a night out/occasion.

    1. HEY May!!!!! Unfortunately didn't get shots with the sneakers on :( but will def do take pics if I substitute accessories the next time!

  2. DAMN girl your posts are getting hotter. I like that you post only 3 or 2 looks in the week. It makes me eager and impatient at the same time.

  3. You are so stunning! Love the last shot a lot. Your smile is spectacular.
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