Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY: Daisies and Cornflower blue nails

 Here's a quick and super easy nail art tutorial that will literally take 10 minutes. What's even better is that you needn't buy a fancy dotting tool, just pluck it out of an old hair brush!
Let's begin. You will need:

1) A base coat nail color of your choice. I suggest light or bright colors. Pastels will work well too.    I've used 2) OPI in "NLB83"- no room for the blues.
3) White nail polish. I've used LA girl in NL25-French White.
4) Yellow nail polish. I've used a cheap one I got free with some beauty supplies
5) Any transparent top coat. I've used Jordanna's Diamond boost hardener.
6) A comb like in the images below. This is for the dotting tool.
7) Optional- A glitter top coat.

Simply pull out a tooth from a hairbrush you aren't using. The brush should have these plastic balled tips on the ends. This will act as your dotting tool. Prep your nails with the base color and let them dry out completely. Then,on a small piece of paper, pour out some yellow color and dip the ball tip on the polish and press down on your finger nail. Depending on how many flowers you want, space the yellow dots slightly far apart from each other. Three flowers on one nail are good, any more, and it will be crowded. I usually go for two on the top right corner of the nail and one on the bottom left. Next, clean the dotting tool of any yellow polish and dip it into some of the white that you have poured out. Press down on your nail around the yellow dot to create the petals. You can make two dots before dipping it into the white polish again. Do not press down the dots too close to each other. After your petals are done, let it dry out completely before you put a top coat.
Alternatively, you can do a red flower on a black base color or even metallic flowers on a white base color. Get creative and even use some glitter or a stone in the center of your flower. And you've got salon- finished nails under 10 minutes in the convenience of your home!

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