Saturday, February 15, 2014

Being yourself ...

The most important part of looking and feeling stylish is being comfortable in what you wear. You shouldn't have to follow a trend just because everyone is. Sometimes the trendiest thing to follow is simply being yourself.
You may get poked fun at for not being "in" and up to date with the current trends. But you know what? They fade. They're short lived styles and who wants that?

So for the girls who want to wear heels but cant, invest in beautiful eye catching flats. For the girls who love wearing short skirts but are conscious about showing too much skin, have fun with denim or even patterned tights. There's always going to be that one person pointing a finger at you for what you wear. Well, they might be in sky high heels and laughing at you, but at least you can throw something at them and run away in your flats and not worry about them catching up to you! OK, I'm joking. Don't do that. Lol.
Ignore. Ignorance is bliss.

On a style note, I paired this tan coat with red and black because I hate over-doing color in the winter. It's always best to stick to one accent color and keep the rest of your outfit neutral unless you want it to look like crayola threw up on you. During summer, it's a different story.

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Coat and Leggings: Zara, Blouse: Mango, Bag and Necklace: Monsoon, Boots: Massimo Dutti


  1. Love It.. !! U said it Girl.. Be Yourself..! :)

  2. Love the coat . Beautiful colours !