Sunday, November 4, 2012

Video Tutorial: My top knot secret revealed.

A lot of my readers and FB page members have asked me how I keep my top knot so high and perfect. Well, here's how :)
Because its my first video EVER, the picture quality is not that great and you might find it hard to read, but hey, watch on...Its super easy and takes only 2 minutes. 

The hair tongs ( I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE ACTUALLY CALLED ) are available in Hair care boutiques and even small thrifty stores in Manama and Gudaibiya.

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  1. Ashwathy, I loved this video. I can't stop obsessing about these magic hair bun maker. Too bad they aren't available in my part of India. Can you please tell me what material is this "tong" made of? Is it detachable? How do you stick it so easily without using pins? Take care, great effort, X

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you so much. The tongs are like 2 rulers attached to each other, made of some bendy metal, but it's soft. And it's covered in a fleece fabric. I don't know if when you were a kid you played with magic rulers? The sort that curls up on your wrist when you slap it on? It's the exact sane mechanism. It's easy to remove as well. :)

  3. hey!! Ashwathy doing a grt job!! Love ur top Knot :)
    Hwever I hv tried searching everywere in manana n gudaibiya fr this particular hair alas! no luck..if u could tellme where in manama exactly cn i get my hands on these will be really grateful... thxx :)

    1. Hi , thank you so much !!! I recently purchased a twin pack one from the 5 circles opp sacred heart church ! Should be there! Also it's definitely available at Ramez for 150 fils, upstairs!

    2. Hey dear..i went by Five circles just last i didn't find the hair tongs, should i ask them for it or wht?? n today i dropped by Ramez in Manama, but could not get them either, asked the staff around..they hd no clue...I really would love to get my hands on these lil babes... should i perhaps try riffa n muharraq ramez?? Pls help!! Thx a Ton!!

    3. That's so strange, these things are pretty easy to find. Did you try in gudaibiya, opp lovely textiles? There's a place they sell a lot of accessories...