Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The much dreaded question

Skirt:Promod, Vest:Forever21, Blouse:HM, Bag:Thailand, Flats:Bombay
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So Recently, a very good friend asked me a very tough question and it was, “What would you do if you lost this jacket?”

At first I was like I can always get another one. But then horror thoughts started coming into my head like ‘what if they’re out of stock’ or ‘What if my size isn't available anymore’ and ‘what if a similar style doesn't look as perfect as this’. 
Ugh I hate how attached I get to a certain item of clothing. I still remember misplacing my favorite Zara trench in a Brazilian restaurant in India. I hated Brazilian food after that. I refused to go anywhere near the area for years and a strong hatred build up in me and I'm not proud of it.

I SOUND SO VAIN RIGHT NOW, but I've been cured now. I promise :)

xxoo, P.S still not vain.

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