Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Davine's hair treatment experience at Gloss

 I  have a love- hate relationship with my hair. Some days, I love it and some days I want to chop them all off. And on days when I’m loathing my locks, Gloss knows how to take care of them.
After having my lowlights done by Nabil at Gloss, which I loved, by the way, and I know you guys did too, I recently had the Davine’s hair treatment. Now before I explain what exactly happens with the DHT, let me tell you how incredibly busy my week had been. I’ve recently been given some extra responsibility at work and with extra responsibility comes extra stress. And with stress comes hair fall and break outs.Yes, I’ve had a zit on my cheek and my head is throbbing with getting around all the new information I’m taking in. While it does give me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, I do however feel the need of a good massage, and the DHT is  like a massage and hair care treatment that is perfect if you feel my pain.

I was welcomed by my favorite hair expert Nabil and the other friendly staff at Gloss Salon and Spa. Nabil started off by analyzing my hair. We came to the conclusion that my hair was dry and needed some moisture and shine so he chose the Nourishing range of Davine’s treatment set. Jane then spent a good few minutes massaging the shampoo into my hair and leaving it for about 10 minutes for the product to sit. The foam on my scalp was an amazing, ice- cooling sensation-it felt like ice and mint and something that I really needed that afternoon. Jane then conditioned my hair after which it was time for the serum. My hair was sectioned carefully so that the droplets were massaged well into my scalp. Nabil says that this procedure helps to nourish the hair follicles.
After the amazing treatment, I felt so relaxed and walked out with my scalp feeling cold and my hair smelling and feeling fantastic. I highly recommend this treatment if you're feeling stressed out or simply need some hair pampering! 

Please keep in mind that this is not a chemical treatment. However, you start to see/ feel the difference on your hair after 3 or 4 treatments. The products are even available to purchase . The shampoo and conditioner retails at around 7 BHD each and the serum is 23 BHD.I  recommend a personal session with Gloss first before you buy.

For more information visit wwwglossbahrain.com or call 17826030.Alternatively, you can follow @glossbahrain on instagram .

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    1. It's 25 -40 bd depending on your hair length!

  2. wat color s your hair?? pls reply.. :)