Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby Blues

 While our team finished shooting for this look and I  was browsing through the contact sheets for image selection, I realized I didn't love these metallic snakeskin pumps with the otherwise pale color palette of my look.I always prefer pairing my pastels with neutral colors and I don't know why I even picked these metallic pumps. Nude would work better or even pink, which reminds me, I don't have many pink shoes in my closet. Tsk.
Moving on, my eldest sister is here with her 3 adorable children and I love how noisy the house has become with all the high pitched howls, nursery- rhyme singing and the occasional shouting. And even though my darling niece thought it would be fun to sweep the floor with my make up brushes and use my Dior hydra cream as an all-over body moisturizer, I love her to bits and cannot image the thought of parting with her and my two nephews again.  Of course I'm going to miss my sister too and what's even worse is my second sister will move out of the country for good soon, too.
Sigh. I've been blue and I need new shoes.

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Jeans- Dickenson Jeans, HOBBS,  Bag- Mango, Bracelets- Monsoon Accessorize, Blouse- Miss Selfridge, Shoes- Dune