Sunday, October 13, 2013

Favourite Products update!

 Its been a while since I updated you guys about products I've been loving. Every month, without fail, I get introduced to new products- Either by my blogger friends, family , my BFF or just word of mouth. And with every product that I buy, I've either hated them , felt they were a waste of money (product now on my dressing table collecting dust) or I've loved them and they've become part of my routine and I'd actually go back and buy more.

So to start with, Lets say hello to my new lipstick. Now, you guys know I love my reds. I have about 6 shades of red, but that will never stop me from buying another one. This Chanel lipstick from the velvet collection was an unplanned buy. I had time to kill after work so I quickly popped into Sephora and tried on a few lipsticks. As I tried on the velvet range, and how great it felt on application and how sexy it looked after application, I knew it had to be mine. So obviously, I had to pick it up. Ladies, trust me. These are great and are long lasting even after you've downed a few cosmos!
 Ok now, these are two oils I'm LOVING at the moment. Both serve completely different purposes so lets start with Green Bar Inc's Hazelnut and lavender oil. Its baby oil and leaves my skin feeling super soft! I only have to apply a coin sized amount on both hands and although its slightly oily at first, after massaging the product in, it quickly vanishes and you'll just want to keep touching your hands. Bonus if you have someone else who wants to touch your hands ;)
I'm obsessed with long lashes and so I've been applying a mixture of castor oil and Vitamin E oil on my lashes with a mascara wand every night before I sleep. Its been a month now and I can safely say that this product has definitely helped. Its also a good thing to add in aloe vera gel to the mixture as it has thickening properties. Who doesn't want long lashes? So yeah, I highly recommend this and I highly recommend adding aloe vera gel while applying.
 I can't say enough good things about Benefit's "Hello Flawless" powder. The best thing about it is that it comes with a sponge and a brush so after your foundation you can either put the product on with the brush for a sheer finish or pat on with the sponge for extra coverage! This one is definitely a product that I don't think I'd ever change, Just like my MUFE foundation I raved about in my previous product update post.
 I received a sample of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill mascara at a Saks blogger event and ever since,any other mascara I've used has just failed in front of this one.I actually went back and bought one. That's the power of a good product!
Now I'm not the one to spend 21 BD on a mascara but this one is definitely worth it! There's "Eyes to kill" and "Eyes to kill Excess" I love and recommend both if you want long, super dramatic eyes. I also love that it kinda smells like honey.
 Another hair oil apart from my fav TBS strawberry seed dry oil, is Kerastase's Elixir Ultime. I use two pumps on damp hair before blow drying  and it leaves my hair super shiny, soft and smelling absolutely DIVINE. I need to top up my buy on this.
 Who needs extractions when you can treat black heads at home? I don't have many blackheads but I use this because along with black heads and white heads, these babies pull out any impurities that's clogging your pores. I love how smooth my nose and forehead feel after I've pulled out the patch. I recommend the Nivea Refining clear up strips to any one who has a problem with black heads or whiteheads. You can even see all the impurities after you've pulled the patch out! It also pulls out hair so brownie points for that!

Have any favorite products? I'd love to try them! Go on and leave a comment. xxoo

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  1. Hello! Where can i get the kerastase elixir ultime??

    1. Hi :) you can get it at dessange. Xx

    2. Hi...can u please advice me what to use for my pimple scars and discoloration on my really done with doctors and dont know what to do :(

    3. Hi doll, well it depends on how deep the scars are. But I really swear by bio oil. Google it . And read the reviews before buying. I personally love it and it has helped me. It's available at boots for 11 Bd.