Sunday, October 6, 2013

Can we move on already?

A friend of mine got me this gorgeous skirt from Bombay recently and I absolutely love it. Because I am who I am, obviously I didn't wear it as a skirt right away.

It's getting a little cooler on the island at the moment so I decided to throw on a denim jacket as well. I love the combination of denim and a bright yellow. Makes me feel cheery, even on days when I'm not.Also I'm starting to hate wearing jeans. I'm on a cropped trouser phase now. That and ponte leggings.
Moving on, it's that time again. The search for the perfect new year's eve dress has begun. Yes I know it's only October, but i'm still a woman.My bestie and I have started scourging the malls already, looking for it. Last new year's ever was such a disaster and I've learned from my mistakes.It was by far THE WORST and I'm only hoping this coming one will be better. A lot of good things have happened this past weekend. The highlight? My sister getting engaged!

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Jacket: Forever21, Skirt, Footwear:Gifted, Leggings:Zara, Bag:Monsoon


  1. Didn't your sister get married in Kerala when you went last time?

    1. That was my cousin sister. :) this is my sister.

    2. Ah! I see, well Congrats to your sister and her to-be fiance :)

  2. Can you please send me your contact details on how I can reach you. This is regarding an upcoming event. My email is

    Hope to hear from you soon x

  3. I love this outfit! Your hair, that skirt, those dainty slippers.