Tuesday, February 19, 2013

London 2:Out and About

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Here are a few photographs,( through my iLens) of my outings in London. I didn't take many outfit pics as requested because sadly,I had no photographer for the week I was there.

1: Finally, Wagamama. I had the chicken katsu curry and it was delicious!!!!

2: At Westfeild mall. The Topshop we have is nothing compared to the stores there.

3: Lunch at Bella Italia. Got this shot as a shiny red bus passed by.

4: Dressed up in Black tie attire for the BHS Retail Awards night at The Wallace Art Gallery.

5: Finally got my hands on the famous Kiehl's midnight recovery serum. Its been 2 days of me using this and it's totally worth the 35 pounds I spent!

6: Harry Potter's wand for sale. Any takers?

7. This was supposed to go under the "lunch at Bella Italia" photo... Oh well, I had the whole grain pasta.


9: GIANT headsets at Selfridges.

10: MnM World.This was three floors of candy. color and yumminess. This shall be my home someday.

11: Pretty Things...

12: Leicester Square at night time.

13: And more pretty Chandeliers...

Until my next travel post (In August),

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