Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Jacket:Hush Puppies, Shirt:Pull and Bear, Shorts:Camaieu, Stockings:India, Boots: Primark, Accessories:Assorted

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Sometimes when I want to connect with the stronger side in me, I end up dressing like a tomboy and that sucks because I should really be wearing my heels and red lipstick. But oh well. These pictures were taken a while back and I was too busy to upload these.

On a style note, These boots are the comfiest riding boots I own and I love them! I took them to London with me and I think its safe to say that if it weren't for these guys, I'd have had a frost bite from the freezer temperature there. I walked for miles in them, got lost, asked for directions, got lost again and somehow managed to walk back to my hotel and my feet weren't sore! So these boots, definitely #WIN !

Oh and is it too obvious that I love Yenzi too much? 
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  1. You look great .. stylish even in the tomboy way :)