Friday, September 21, 2012

Spiced mint under the blazing sun

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The easiest way to looking effortlessy chic is by pairing a great pair of jeans with a blazer. I've often raved about the "Alice" fit jeans at Mango- They never disappoint. If the tag mentions "Skinny", they'll stay that way even after repeated use unlike jeans from F21 and HM that usually stretch out with time.I also recommend the skinnies at Pimkie.

Let's talk about blazers. With the temperatures soaring here in the Middle East, it's practical to stick to cotton and light fabrics.This blazer from H&M is perfect. Its lightweight, comfortable and not too tight which is why it's the perfect blazer for summer. I picked this one months back and I doubt they're still available in stores. An alternative to this would be the jersey blazers at Pimkie or Zara.

P.S: Take note of how perfectly my nails match the band on my hat.

Have a happy weekend.


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